About Us

We belive in:

"serving as partners of business people, brands and entrepreneurs behind meaningful businesses."

To deliver results:

"designing smarter strategies based on customer bonding and powered by advanced tech tools."

In what we do:

"leveraged marketing strategy focused on business growth through digital multimedia." 

Projects Tailored to our Clients Needs


What do we do?

Traffic Systems (Websites)


What's the value of having a nail salon with empty chairs and no customers? The same as having a website with no visitors and no sales...

At TECBU we create more than just websites: we design systems that generate visits from potential customers who are interested in your business. We can also equip it with smart chatbots, strategic facebook ads and more tools to meet your goals.

Digital Growth Strategies (Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads)


We have screen shots and real testimonials from clients who, within their budget, have generated more customers from our certified professional campaigns in Google and / or Facebook Ads as their professional chatbot and online marketing agency.

Conversational Marketing (Chatbots)


WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the 2 most popular instant messaging apps in the world. Why is your business not doing something different there?

A chatbot is an intelligent system that sends and replies to messages from your clients automatically and in real time.

Instant messages have 70-85% open rates and up to 25% click through rates. And business are still only doing monthly email newsletters that almost nobody reads and have less than 20% open rates. If this happens to you maybe it's time to stop loosing time and money?

We are part of the world's pioneers offering this service and have a skilled and certified team in place to do so. We're also an official Agency Partner of ManyChat, one of the best tools to build Chatbots, and as partners, can provide many great benefits to you, contact us now to know more!

Online Stores (E-commerce)


Did you know that at this very second (and every other second that goes by) someone could be buying your product or service at any time anywhere in the world?

Money from sales could be coming in to your bank account each day while you are dealing with other aspects of your business (or personal life).

That's an effective e-commerce shop. We build those. Would you like to have your own? Talk to us, we are more than a marketing agency.

Meet the Family

Adam Chambers


Marketing specialist, passionate about creativity and photography, motivated by the novelty and originality of modern ideas that can be shaped and brought to life in the market. Cinthia carries several of the Google ad strategies of our customers in our chatbot agency.

Monica Tadeo


Always ready to learn and try new things. Audiovisual Arts professional and Social Media Marketer at TECBU. Monica loves learning languages, apart from speaking Spanish and English, she's now learning French and Portuguese. Always willing to help and showing a very noble spirit. Monica is responsible for our clients' success on social media as an online marketing agency.

Sergio Duarte

Sergio De Duarte Tecbu Canada Online Marketing Graphic Design Content Email Video Editing

Sergio's purpose is to "Create valuable platforms for people to express their talents"​ and has been doing so for the past years, launching several Startups and doing business in various parts of the world. He believes in purpose-driven Startups as a way to positively impact the world now from his chatbot online marketing agency.

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Start working with us and see positive results, we're committed to become your business partner for success as your online marketing agency and chatbot experts.

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